The Falcon

  • Over 600 square feet of usable space from a 28′ long trailer
  • Sets up in just 10 minutes
  • Option to deploy at ground level mitigating need for long accessibility ramps
  • One-person ease of operation
    • Keeps labour times low and productivity high


  • Towable with a diesel pickup truck
    • Affordable operators and lower fuel cost


  • Wood-fiber free panels never rot or delaminate like RV style buildings
  • Durable materials and re-configurability ensure years of value
  • Reinforced floors bear heavy loads with ease

Materials breakdown

  • Bonded composite
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

More features

  • Three-times expandable building
  • Single operator automatic deployment
  • Light-weight frame for thousands of pounds cargo capacity
  • Innovative aerospace industry composite design
  • Weather-proof and insulated
  • High ceilings for maximum comfort and utility
  • Massively customizable

Learn about possible applications

The falcon is ready for your application. Check out some of the industries we think are ready for us!

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